Holyhead Town Council 

Town Authority 

Holyhead Town Council is one of 40 town and community councils on Anglesey. It is the largest town/community council in the county in terms of population and responsibilities. The Town Council has existed in various forms since the 19th Century. Local government reorganisation in 1974 transferred many of the responsibilities of the Holyhead Urban District Council to Anglesey Borough (District) Council and created the existing Holyhead Town Council. A review of town and community councils in Wales has been carried out and the Welsh Assembly are now proposing that town and community councils should gain additional responsibilities and funding in the future. 

Town Council Services 

Holyhead Town Council provides a number of locally important services. The number and quality of services provided has improved markedly in recent years. Examples of these services include visitor information boards, allotment gardens, cenotaph, town clock, Christmas lighting, and Left Luggage. The Town Council now employ eight staff. Information about Town Council services is available on their website. 

Holyhead Town Hall 

The Town Council is based in Holyhead Town Hall in Newry Street. This large Victorian civic building has recently been refurbished to provide an improved reception area and staff accommodation, a lift and modern standard offices to rent with additional office floorspace above the main hall.